Guided Horseback Riding & Wagon Rides in the North Carolina Mountains near Asheville

Horseback riding - Asheville NC Stables offers the most scenic, guided horseback trail and wagon rides in the area. One of Western North Carolina’s best kept secrets, we have over 20 miles of trails, experienced guides, and gentle horses in a beautiful, relaxing environment. Take in the fabulous 360 degree views of the Cherokee and Pisgah National Forests from the top of Big Bald Mountain at over 5,500’ elevation!  Or, enjoy a cool horse ride through beautiful mountain forests along Bald Mountain Creek. We also organize an annual horse racing event that you can attend or even participate in if you are a good jockey. Spectators can use their cell phones to place bets online on their favorites by claiming this $60 no deposit bonus deal.

Horse Racing as a Professional Sport

Horse racing is not an easy sport. Horseback Riding in North Carolina is considered a traditional sport. The jockey must follow a rigorous lifestyle and physical training. He must constantly monitor his weight, which is an essential and determining factor in his participation in the races. The weight of the jockey running with his equipment is regulated: flat, weight from 47 to 55 kg on average. For obstacle races, the standards range from weight up to 72 kg. Size is no longer definite. Until the 69th flat victory or the 39th obstacle victory, we speak of a young jockey; this one gets a weight discount during the races. Horse racing is popular in online casinos where sports betting is allowed, and many people prefer betting over gambling as they see it as a fair chance of winning real money. From the 70th or 40th victory, he becomes a professional jockey and can no longer benefit from weight reduction. To ride as a jockey in a galloping race, you have to be over 18 years old. Permission to the board is only valid for the next twelve months. The job of a jockey is difficult and requires special training and hygiene. Close-up of this profession, which is indispensable for the world of horse racing, and interesting for any turf enthusiast who wants to know a little more about the discipline on which they are betting. Among the best-paid jockeys are Christophe Soumillon, who in 2005 was the highest paid jockey with more than 750,000 euros in winnings. Many people like to wager using online casino sites on the jockeys they think will win, and mobile devices make this very easy to do. You just need to sign up for a legal website that specializes in sports betting and place a bet. A lot of these establishments offer various casino bonuses that are great news for everyone trying to save some money. You can even play some of the slots for free that are usually offered as well.

Wolf Laurel Stables now offers a new way to experience this beautiful area with one-hour wagon rides in a handmade wagon pulled by an impressive team of haflingers, carrying up to six adult passengers – perfect for families, children and small groups.

If you have never ridden a horse before, or have limited horseback riding experience, we will show you the basics. For the experienced riding enthusiast, you will enjoy our 2+ hour guided rides through a variety of terrain ranging from mountain forests and streams to the higher elevations of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

If you are seeking accommodations while visiting the area, The Buck House Inn is a wonderful B&B to consider. The Buck House Inn is located right beside Wolf Laurel Stables and is a beautiful, historic home with luxury, peace and quiet. You can find more information about The Buck House Inn at

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